DCPS Rapid Testing Results for Spring Break 2022


More than 43,000 DC Public Schools students and staff provided their COVID-19 test results to support a safe return to the classroom following Spring Break. The majority of tests reported were rapid antigen tests distributed at school.

Positive Reported Cases By School

The following table includes results reported from tests taken on April 17, 2022, for staff and April 18, 2022, for students. You can search by school name, sort each column, and use the arrows at the bottom to view additional entries. Data is current as of 12:00 p.m. on April 20, 2022, and may fluctuate.

DCPS Positive Reported Cases By School - April Safe Return

Aiton ES3801380
Amidon-Bowen ES6222630
Anacostia HS770660
Ballou HS13423901
Ballou STAY HS5701130
Bancroft ES11306217
Bard HS Early College DC4002053
Barnard ES8904512
Beers ES7402613
Benjamin Banneker HS7504493
Brent ES5224211
Brightwood ES11404620
Brookland MS6532801
Browne EC9202502
Bruce-Monroe ES9503630
Bunker Hill ES4201390
Burroughs ES4831991
Burrville ES4001292
C.W. Harris ES4301401
Capitol Hill Montessori5413120
Cardozo EC14553451
Cleveland ES4011712
Columbia Heights EC177210012
Coolidge HS7414342
DCPS Virtual Learning380360
Deal MS126112634
Dorothy I. Height ES8803523
Drew ES411851
Duke Ellington School of the Arts7603691
Dunbar HS7512874
Eastern HS11503452
Eaton ES5013860
Eliot-Hine MS5822232
Excel Academy6812182
Garfield ES4401211
Garrison ES5302203
H.D. Cooke ES8212982
H.D. Woodson HS11052051
Hardy MS4714391
Hart MS8022211
Hearst ES6503192
Hendley ES6001380
Houston ES6112140
Hyde-Addison ES6013322
Ida B. Wells MS10404042
J.O. Wilson ES7513201
Janney ES7116666
Jefferson MS Academy6302842
John Lewis ES5113282
Johnson MS6601560
Kelly Miller MS10413282
Ketcham ES5411680
Key ES5913233
Kimball ES6632432
King ES5311200
Kramer MS570820
Lafayette ES11408271
Langdon ES3912531
Langley ES7602062
LaSalle-Backus ES7111940
Lawrence E. Boone ES5712063
Leckie ES5132423
Ludlow-Taylor ES6613682
Luke C. Moore HS420711
MacFarland MS9314884
Malcolm X ES at Green5021101
Mann ES5803440
Marie Reed ES9304231
Maury ES7104722
McKinley MS4301250
McKinley Technology HS8527007
Military Road Early Learning Center210501
Miner ES7632430
Moten ES261610
Murch ES7706092
Nalle ES4001860
Noyes ES4811540
Oyster-Adams Bilingual School12616895
Patterson ES7322291
Payne ES6102391
Peabody ES4302010
Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering HS5202171
Plummer ES5301420
Powell ES12924641
Randle Highlands ES4001401
Raymond ES9122451
River Terrace EC720700
Ron Brown College Preparatory HS511900
Roosevelt HS13517115
Roosevelt STAY HS705780
Ross ES3201451
Savoy ES340641
School Without Walls @ Francis8314765
School Without Walls HS6205206
School-Within-School @ Goding6202941
Seaton ES6502871
Shepherd ES3803560
Simon ES5011410
Smothers ES6501070
Sousa MS510910
Stanton ES8811930
Stoddert ES5904123
Stuart-Hobson MS6103580
Takoma ES9503360
Thaddeus Stevens Early Learning Center331570
Thomas ES5002321
Thomson ES4702112
Truesdell ES7543110
Tubman ES8913854
Turner ES7113031
Tyler ES7313340
Van Ness ES4302742
Walker-Jones EC6201231
Watkins ES4213701
Wheatley EC6311790
Whittier ES7502390
Woodrow Wilson HS1832124611