#ReopenStrong Partner Spotlight: AlphaBEST Education


AlphaBEST Education is one of DCPS’ community partners supporting CARE Classrooms at elementary schools.

AlphaBEST Education is proud to partner with DCPS to offer students a safe and caring place to learn. Students in our AlphaAcademy™/ CARES classrooms are provided with the perfect combination of virtual learning support, enrichment activities, physical fitness, and much needed social connection time with their peers.  

“We are so happy to spend our days with the students at Beers Elementary school,” says DaQuan Horton, a Group Leader for the third-grade class. “More than ever before, our students need help staying on track with their educational goals and we are proud to be doing our part.”

Stephanie Wingate, an instructor at Amidon-Bowen Elementary says, “During the last few weeks we have enjoyed playing trivia games and forming our own in-house soccer league, while music and movement gets everyone pumped and ready to navigate our way through the academic part of our day “

AlphaBEST Education has exclusive access to a robust, engaging assortment of quality enrichment, from coding, robotics, visual arts, engineering, world languages, sign language, sports, and more, many of which have been adapted to align with our COVID-19 health and safety protocols. AlphaBEST enrichment activities help students to become problem solvers, collaborators, thoughtful, and curious. AlphaBEST continues to show students that learning can be fun, engaging and can happen anywhere.  

These are difficult times for students and their families.  We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to support families by doing all we can to keep children focused on schoolwork and engaged in extracurricular fun.

AlphaBEST is currently operating Partner CARES classrooms at Amidon-Bowen, Bancroft, Anne Beers, Brightwood, Kimball, Noyes, Plummer, Savoy, Stanton, and Walker-Jones Education Campus.

 Last April, AlphaBEST was selected by OSSE to provide full day care to children of emergency service workers. AlphaBEST CARES classrooms are managed by District Manager Shannon Hampton-Lewis.