#ReopenStrong Partner Spotlight: Champions


Champions is one of DCPS’ community partners supporting CARE Classrooms at elementary schools.

John Burroughs Elementary

John Burroughs Scholars are super excited to be back in School. Champions have partnered with DCPS in order to ensure students are thriving every day. We have been supporting students with their online learning while we continue to practice social distancing. We are truly putting the fun back into education.

Since reopening, we are working hand and hand with students to help them grow. In order to help them stay focused and using positive reinforcement with tangible rewards and social distance praising. While implementing these best practices, students are submitting their homework as well as any other delayed assignments that weren’t submitted while they were at home.

We are helping with movement breaks and outside social distancing recess. The students have been extremely excited to be able to play on their school playground. The students are also enjoying games and creating fun projects during brain breaks.

We have helped students that need additional support by offering them one on one instructions with the assistant of our care teachers. We are now able to help each student more because we can see exactly what students can do in person.

JO Wilson Elementary

Wheatley Education Campus

Here at Wheatley Education Campus, CARE staff and administration have partnered together so that achieving excellence in every classroom can be a value that is maintained and perfected as our community continues to battle this global health crisis. With our full day program, CARE staff can support the Wheatley students with their online distant learning sessions while also offering a special built curriculum that has been tailored to uphold the Wheatley Scholar Pledge.

We can ensure that our CARE classrooms are a structured and safe place that enables students to focus while aiding them with creating a routine that works best for them and their academic and social development. As CARE facilitators it is our goal to provide our Wheatley families with a clean and safe space that pushes students to work hard daily, have respect, always do their best, learn all they can, excel in school, and succeed in life.

Through our partnership with DCPS we have been able to build a community that cherishes students health and safety all while helping students navigate their creativity and curiosity as we attempt to return to normalcy. We recognize that returning to school is a challenge that a lot of families may be struggling with, however through our partnership with DCPS we can assure families that we are a united community whose mission is to create a healthy, safe, and empowering environment that meets the needs of all Wheatley students.

We look forward to ending this year off strong as a community and are excited for what is to come.