#ReopenStrong Partner Spotlight: The House


The House, Inc. is one of DCPS’ community partners supporting CARE Classrooms at elementary schools.

Welcome to The House, Inc., Classroom 314!

The reopening of engaging teaching methods, student voice in the classroom, and lessening the impact of loneliness on children was the thought behind The House, Inc., a mutual aid partner of DC Public Schools opening at Leckie Education Campus, Ward 8, Washington, DC.

With the new world of virtual lessons, The House, Inc. is ready to provide support, guidance, and a structure of routine to help children feel more comfortable in-person and know what to anticipate on a daily basis. The past few weeks represented a back-to-school period like no other in recent memory but so has the energy behind the quality of the student experience with them. 

Making Classroom 314 a warm, colorful, and stimulating environment are also key to their positive space at Leckie Education Campus! Key academic benchmarks are responded to, and The House, Inc. keeps children actively interested daily. Beyond programming, The House, Inc. is devoted to providing groceries to the children of Classroom 314 in a way to keep an eye out for one another.

The House, Inc.’s EmpowerMEnt® huddles are a great addition to Leckie’s class schedule giving rise to students’ diversity in thought and to create ideas and methods of problem solving in a way of helping students motivate each other.  

Classroom 314 is The House, Inc.’s commitment to serve children amid the pandemic for promoting academic success, a reflection of what communities are asking for.