DCPS Pre-K Rapid Testing Results for May 16, 2022


With many of our youngest learners ineligible to access the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine, DCPS is dedicating resources to weekly testing of all Pre-K students. Students in PK3 and PK4 will be provided with a rapid test each week and will be required to upload their results each Sunday before returning to the classroom. Kindergarten students will also receive weekly test kits and are highly encouraged to test each wee

The following table includes results reported from tests taken on May 15, 2022. Data is current as of May 17 and may fluctuate. The cases listed below are also included in the daily school-by-school counts. Explore more weekly data for COVID-19 cases reported at school here.

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Pre-K COVID Testing Results - May 16, 2022

SchoolPK PositivesTotal PK Submissions
Aiton ES05
Amidon-Bowen ES016
Bancroft ES048
Barnard ES144
Beers ES018
Brent ES030
Brightwood ES018
Browne EC07
Bruce-Monroe ES036
Bunker Hill ES015
Burroughs ES038
Burrville ES016
C.W. Harris ES07
Capitol Hill Montessori053
Cleveland ES010
Dorothy I. Height ES057
Drew ES010
Eaton ES019
Excel Academy00
Garfield ES07
Garrison ES026
H.D. Cooke ES029
Hearst ES014
Hendley ES03
Houston ES019
Hyde-Addison ES020
J.O. Wilson ES130
Janney ES046
John Lewis ES052
Ketcham ES012
Key ES017
Kimball ES07
King ES07
Lafayette ES04
Langdon ES029
Langley ES149
LaSalle-Backus ES031
Lawrence E. Boone ES03
Leckie ES017
Ludlow-Taylor ES04
Malcolm X ES at Green08
Mann ES133
Marie Reed ES051
Maury ES037
Military Road Early Learning Center023
Miner ES028
Moten ES00
Murch ES031
Nalle ES014
Noyes ES019
Oyster-Adams Bilingual School025
Patterson ES022
Payne ES040
Peabody ES020
Plummer ES026
Powell ES015
Randle Highlands ES03
Raymond ES022
Ross ES02
Savoy ES01
School Without Walls @ Francis040
School-Within-School @ Goding053
Seaton ES032
Shepherd ES025
Simon ES05
Smothers ES07
Stanton ES04
Stoddert ES014
Takoma ES014
Thaddeus Stevens Early Learning Center036
Thomas ES029
Thomson ES122
Truesdell ES039
Tubman ES029
Turner ES016
Tyler ES018
Van Ness ES010
Walker-Jones EC04
Wheatley EC013
Whittier ES044