DCPS Trendency Survey Frequently Asked Questions


DC Public Schools is partnering with Trendency Research, an independent research firm, to track your experience with learning at home and the school year overall. You can register to join this survey panel at this link.

We heard that you may have some additional questions about how this series of short and confidential surveys works and developed the following FAQ. For any tech-related questions or concerns, please contact Trendency Research directly at info@trendency.com.

Is there a deadline for the DCPS Trendency Family Survey?

There is no deadline for this survey. We encourage parents to register and log-in to take the survey at any time; the sooner you start sharing your feedback, the sooner your opinions are included in the information being used to make decisions.

Can you explain more about this type of survey?

This survey is a new public opinion poll that DC Public Schools is trying out on a trial basis. It’s a way for us to release multiple questions to a panel of parents over the next few months. Through the regular touch points (we will send out more questions every week or so), we can gauge shifts in points of view and see the exact level of support for an issue or idea.

This poll is an opportunity to get a regular pulse check on how our families are feeling around how things are going and their perception of DCPS. Further, we hope to use the data to gauge interest around in person learning, in-person virtual classrooms (CARE), and virtual-only.

We hope to learn more about what is working well as well as how we need to adjust our planning based on parent’s opinions and feedback.

What are the steps I should follow to ensure my feedback is included over the next few months?

Register and take the first survey. New questions from DCPS will start to appear at least each week.

Continue to check back and log-in every few days or so. Or look for a reminder from Trendency.

Keep sharing with us how things are going through Term 3.

Why do I need to register and what is the password used for?

Trendency Research asks participants to register to ensure that we are “talking” to parents and not bots or spammers. Trendency finds the best way is to ensure that the person answering the survey, at a minimum, has a verifiable email address. Trendency, the research company, is legally responsible to protect your identity and cannot share your information with anyone.

The password is for the participant’s purposes only, so that when you log back in to answer additional questions you do not need to re-register. All passwords are encrypted before they are stored and no one has the ability to see what the password is, other than the user themselves.

Why is the scale 0-100 versus 0-5?

Typically 0-100 is what we use and also remembering the strongest analysis comes from the allocation so not how satisfied are you, but what percent of the time are you feeling satisfied with remote learning and what percent of the time are you feeling dissatisfied.

Will I get notified when more questions are being released by DCPS?

Once you register and take the survey you will be reminded multiple times throughout the next few months to take the survey, but you may not necessarily be reminded immediately when new questions are added.