#ReopenStrong Equity Spotlight: Langley Elementary School


Written by Nicole Miller, Special Education Resource Teacher 

What expectations or policies have you advocated for/set for your students and school to keep equity front and center during virtual learning?  

I have changed expectations for virtual learning based on student responses and their individual experiences. If students are not comfortable being on camera during class for any reason, I am okay with that if they are participating in the lesson. I explain that I would love to see their faces to help them with their learning but understand if they cannot keep their camera on the entire class. I try to offer different ways for students to participate in whatever way they are comfortable with or able to, whether it is coming off mute, writing in the chat box, or showing me their answer on a whiteboard or paper.   

What keeps you going during these difficult times?  

Building relationships with my students virtually keeps me motivated during these difficult times. I can’t wait for the day that we can meet for the first time in person when it is safe.    

What best practices have you leveraged in your role to ensure equity for your students in the virtual space?  

I make sure I am listening to students’ and guardians’ needs and feedback. Guardians are the experts on their children, and I am here to actively listen, support, and advocate.  

How have you continued to create an inclusive and educational culture in the virtual space? 

I try to incorporate joy, laughter, and individual student interests to make lessons as engaging as possible. I will be in a constant process of learning in creating an equitable and inclusive classroom, which means I must be open to feedback, be reflective on my practices, and decenter myself.