Reported Positive Cases at Schools: July 2022


Per DCPS’ COVID-19 Response Protocol, notices of reported positive cases are shared with a school community if a person has been in the building during their infectious period.

To expedite notifications of positive reported cases at schools, close contact notifications are sent to all students and staff in the classroom of a positive reported case if more detailed contact tracing cannot be completed expediently.

Community notifications are now modified to note the total number of new cases reported within a school building and will be sent Sunday through Friday, except for school holidays. Individual community notices are available here.

Below please find information for the week based on cases initially reported to schools prior to 11:00 a.m. each day. Final verified case counts will continue to be available at

Week of July 4

7/7/22Ballou HS1
7/7/22Tubman ES1
7/8/22Stuart-Hobson MS2
7/8/22Brightwood ES1
7/8/22Columbia Heights EC1

Week of July 11

7/11/22Boone ES1
7/11/22Browne EC1
7/11/22Stuart-Hobson MS1
7/11/22Watkins ES1
7/12/22Browne EC1
7/12/22Cardozo EC1
7/12/22Dunbar HS1
7/12/22Hendley ES1
7/12/22Janney ES1
7/12/22Randle Highlands ES1
7/12/22Roosevelt STAY HS1
7/13/22Military Road Early Learning Center1
7/13/22Watkins ES4
7/13/22Patterson ES1
7/13/22Takoma ES1
7/14/22Brightwood ES2
7/14/22Cleveland ES2
7/14/22Deal MS1
7/14/22Janney ES1
7/14/22MacFarland MS1
7/14/22Tubman ES1
7/14/22Watkins ES5
7/15/22Browne EC1
7/15/22Dunbar HS2
7/15/22King, M.L. ES1
7/15/22Takoma ES1
7/15/22Thomson ES1
7/15/22Tubman ES1

Week of July 18

7/18/22Browne EC1
7/18/22Burrville ES1
7/18/22Jackson-Reed HS1
7/18/22Marie Reed ES1
7/18/22Roosevelt STAY HS1
7/18/22Turner ES1
7/18/22Watkins ES1
7/19/22Ballou HS1
7/19/22Bunker Hill ES4
7/19/22Cleveland ES4
7/19/22Garfield ES1
7/19/22Janney ES1
7/19/22Luke C. Moore HS1
7/19/22McKinley Technology HS1
7/19/22River Terrace EC1
7/20/22Bunker Hill ES1
7/20/22Cleveland ES1
7/20/22Deal MS1
7/20/22Jackson-Reed HS2
7/20/22King, M.L. ES1
7/20/22Raymond ES1
7/21/22Ballou HS1
7/21/22Barnard ES1
7/21/22Roosevelt HS1
7/21/22Watkins ES3
7/22/22Bunker Hill ES1
7/22/22Cleveland ES1
7/22/22Ketcham ES2
7/22/22Takoma ES1
7/22/22Van Ness ES1
7/22/22Walker-Jones EC1

Week of July 25

7/25/22Bunker Hill ES4
7/25/22Van Ness ES1
7/25/22Jackson-Reed HS1
7/26/22Barnard ES2
7/26/22Benjamin Banneker HS1
7/26/22Browne EC1
7/26/22Cleveland ES2
7/26/22Deal MS1
7/26/22Tyler ES1
7/27/22Barnard ES1
7/27/22Bunker Hill ES4
7/27/22Cleveland ES1
7/27/22Watkins ES2
7/28/22Dunbar HS1
7/28/22McKinley MS1
7/28/22Truesdell ES1
7/28/22Tubman ES1
7/29/22Ketcham ES5
7/29/22MacFarland MS1
7/29/22McKinley MS1
7/29/22Watkins ES1