Introducing DCPS’ New Five-Year Strategic Plan: Capital Commitment 2023-2028


This message was shared with DCPS families and staff on January 18, 2024.

Dear DC Public Schools (DCPS) Community, 

Last night, we launched DCPS’ new five-year strategic plan at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. In Dr. King’s namesake library—just two days after our nation’s holiday in remembrance of his legacy—it was an honor to pay tribute to a changemaker who cared deeply about the future of our youth.  

We designed Capital Commitment 2023-2028 through a multi-phase design process that brought together our village to plan for the district’s next five years. One of my favorite parts about the strategic planning process was collaborating with our community, so reconnecting with those who helped shape the plan was a full circle moment. Gathering with Mayor Bowser, city leadership, educators, families, partners, and the heartbeat of DCPS—our students and alumni, was an experience I’ll never forget. 

I was so proud to see scholars from my Student Advisory Board, past and present, demonstrate outstanding leadership at the launch and throughout the planning process. Shout-out to Olivia, Arisha, Tyler, and Tatiana for lending their voices for the future of DCPS. 

We are grateful for our community of changemakers who honed the focus of the Capital Commitment 2023-2028 to the following: 

  • ONE Equity Imperative: We will ground the success of this plan in our ability to serve students furthest from opportunity.  
  • TWO Commitments: We will advance student success by valuing our people and partnering with our community.   
  • THREE Strategic Priorities: We are committed to ensuring students are succeeding academically, connected to school, and prepared for what’s next.  

Thank you for playing a valuable role in the future of DCPS. Continue reading to learn about how our new strategic plan will empower students to thrive. 

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In partnership,    

Lewis D. Ferebee, Ed.D.        

Chancellor, DC Public Schools 

Succeeding Academically 🧠

Students thrive across all subjects when they have strong foundations in math and literacy. Through enhanced hands-on learning experiences, real-world inquiry, and knowledge-building—as well as additional resources and supports for instructors—DCPS will ensure every scholar has what they need to excel in the classroom and beyond. 

Connected to School 💙

Students flourish when they feel valued and safe and have a sense of belonging. DCPS will continue strengthening relationships to ensure students’ experiences are culturally affirming and safe so they can focus on what matters most: joyful and rigorous learning.

Prepared for What’s Next 🎓

Every student has a bright future—they just need the right opportunities and resources to discover and pursue their path of choice. Through targeted supports, DCPS will ensure every learner is prepared for what’s next at each critical learning transition as well as in college, career, and life.

Read the Full Plan 🔍

To see the full 2023 – 2028 Strategic Plan, including actions and metrics we will implement to ensure our students have what they need to thrive, visit

View the 2023 – 2028 Strategic Plan.