Vaccinations and Immunizations

To attend school, families are required to submit their student’s up-to-date immunization records by the first day of class. Vaccinations are critical for preventing disease and reducing the dangers that can come with being exposed to certain diseases. You can find a list of required immunizations for your child according to their age by viewing this helpful flyer from DC Health

We encourage you to visit your child’s doctor if you did not schedule a wellness visit before the first day of school. Your doctor can make sure your child has the right forms to show they have their required shots to attend school. Pediatric vaccine clinics are open, too. 

If your school does not have a record of the immunizations your student received, your school nurse or another member of the School Health Team will reach out to you this month. They can help make sure your child has the important immunizations and other preventive care. 

If you have not already submitted your child’s immunization records to your school:

  1. Make an appointment with your child’s doctor. DC offers resources to help you find a health provider if you do not have health insurance. 
  2. Have the doctor complete DC’s Universal Health Certificate, available here. Your health provider may also provide a different proof of immunization document or an exemption explanation. 
  3. Submit your immunization paperwork to your child’s school. You can drop it off at your school or call the school’s main office if you have questions about how to submit your form. 

Where to Get a Vaccine

The best place for DC families to access childhood immunizations is at their primary medical provider. If a family does not have a health care provider for their child or has difficulty securing an appointment before the first day of school, they can select one from a list of pediatric clinic locations, located in every ward. 

Page updated: September 14, 2023