Will I lose my child’s PK3 or PK4 seat in their school, if they opt out of virtual learning and do not participate until in-person learning resumes?

Pre-K seats will not be held for families who do not enroll. If a student does not attend (either learning at home virtual instruction or hybrid, if/when that is available), they will lose their seat.

For learning at home, attendance will be recorded based on the student / family logging into Canvas, DCPS’ Learning Management System, each day between 6:00 am and 11:59 pm.

If a student is un-enrolled from their Pre-K class, either due to parent choice or zero attendance, they will need to reapply in the school lottery for the following school year (unless entering Kindergarten at their neighborhood school).

Early Childhood (PK3-PK4)Enrollment

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My child is very active and has difficulty sitting in front of the computer for more than a few minutes. How will the ECE virtual learning model / curriculum support their learning?

Daily schedules for PK3 and PK4 students are being developed with our youngest learners in mind. Your child’s learning at home schedule will include short bursts of live, virtual instruction with teachers every day (30-60 minutes daily). It will also include ample opportunities for child-directed play and off-line learning with adult support.

This off-line learning will include simple activities that caregivers can incorporate into their daily routines in order to promote learning. These resources will be posted on Canvas and will support parents and caregivers in understanding how they can incorporate literacy and math skills into daily activities such as sorting clothes, making dinner, and taking a walk.

Early Childhood (PK3-PK4)

I am concerned that my Pre-K child will not consistently engage in virtual-only learning at home. How will this will impact their attendance?

We understand the unique needs of this age group and recognize that young children learn best through active engagement and cannot be expected to thrive in a digital-only environment.

We also know families may have childcare arrangements or other circumstances that may not make it possible to join live, online lessons. The online platforms and access to daily lessons for Pre-K students will be flexible as we look to accommodate participation with varying daily schedules.

Early Childhood (PK3-PK4)

How is DCPS accommodating families that want to participate in virtual learning, but are not able to participate in all live lessons due to work schedules or other family circumstances?

DCPS understands the need to provide flexibility for student attendance, particularly for young learners and working families. For this reason, the online platforms and access to daily lessons for PK students will be flexible to accommodate participation with varying daily schedules.

DCPS expects enrolled families to participate in virtual learning activities and record attendance daily on Canvas.

Even if not participating in live lessons, students and families will still have access to important instructional content on Canvas. Through the online learning tool, you will find resources and supports for learning at home that are critical to kindergarten readiness, a key goal of DCPS early childhood programs.

DCPS has a limited number of Pre-K seats, and we want to ensure children with the highest needs have the opportunity to participate in this program.

Early Childhood (PK3-PK4)