Reopen Community Corps

This page is now archived because it relates to information for a previous school year.

The Reopen Community Corps is a diverse group of school-level stakeholders consisting of parents, teachers, school staff, community members, and/or students. Convened at every elementary school, they will support and advise a school leader in understanding learning models and impacts on the community for reopening strong for In-Person Learning and CARE classrooms in Term 3.

Individual school leaders have the flexibility to create a Corps that reflects the needs of their school community. Suggested participants include:

  • School Principal or their designee   
  • The Washington Teachers Union (WTU) Building Representative  
  • The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) Chair or their designee from the LSAT  
  • One Teacher member of LSAT (other than the Building Representative) or other teacher/staff 
  • One parent member of the LSAT (or PTA) or other parent(s)
  • One member of the School Chapter Advisory Committee (SCAC) (other than the Building Representative)  
  • Community Representative(s)
  • Student Voice(s) Represented 

Each school’s Reopen Community Corps will meet four times between now and January with the goal of reviewing instructional models for in-person learning and determining what grades will be served. Individual reopening plans will be shared with school staff and families in January for further engagement.

The purpose of the Reopen Community Corps is to gather real-time feedback to inform school-level planning and processes with an eye toward equity. Follow this link to review results of learning preference surveys Reopen Community Corps administered to elementary and secondary school families ahead of Term 3.

To help meet that commitment, there are four baseline expectations for in-person learning schools must recognize:

  • Prioritize in-person seats for elementary students with the highest need based on current selection criteria.
  • Teachers will lead in-person learning classrooms.
  • Student schedules should include cohorts to prioritize live instructional time.
  • Safety of students and staff is paramount and all DCPS health and safety protocols must be adhered.

And within the baseline expectations, school leaders and Reopen Community Corps will engage on two key questions when they meet in November and December.

  • Instructional Model: How can the instructional model meet the baseline expectations and the school’s unique goals?
  • Grades/Classes: What is the best way to select which grades/classrooms to open for in-person learning (IPL) and CARE Classrooms for Term 3?

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