#ReopenStrong Surveys

This page is now archived because it relates to information for a previous school year.

As we plan ahead for Terms 3 and 4, DCPS families are invited to share their feedback and preferences through a series of surveys. Follow the links below for open forms and instructions on how to complete. Results will also be posted here.

December 2020 Update

As we prepare to #ReopenStrong in Term 3, DCPS has prioritized hearing from our families. Since November, three surveys have been administered to ensure we are gathering feedback around not only how learning at home is going and what our families and students need to be successful, but also around what our families prefer for learning programming starting February 1.

In early November the Trendency Public Opinion Poll launched and new questions continue to be released to the public every several weeks. Information from this survey is being used by the district to gauge feelings around learning at home, technology, health commitments, communications and engagement. DCPS will continue to gather this data and share reports through January as we learn and improve along the way.

Additionally, two learning preference surveys were administered by our school-based Reopen Community Corps to gather data for school leadership to design Term 3 in person learning plans. Schools are using the demand data to help shape how students, grades and classrooms are prioritized for their return to in person learning.

Grades PK-5 Survey Window: November 24 – December 4, 2020

Grades 6-12 Survey Window: December 1 – December 9, 2020

For more details on how your school is using this information, please contact your Reopen Community Corps or school directly to learn more.

Open Surveys

Trendency – ongoing

This public opinion survey is a way for families to share regular feedback on how the school year is going overall. Once you register, you will receive new questions every few weeks, and each survey takes about 90 seconds or less.

Sign up for Trendency and start sharing your feedback today. Haga clic aquí para español.

Read more at DCPS Trendency Survey Frequently Asked Questions.

Closed Surveys

Family, Student and Staff Survey – summer 2020

In May and June, we issued a series of surveys around reopening strong for next school year and heard from approximately 3,400 students, 8,600 families, and 5,200 staff members. Read more about the survey and its findings.

PK to 5th Grade Learning Preference Survey – closed December 4, 2020

This survey is intended for elementary school families and will help us understand your preferences for how your child will learn during Terms 3 and 4. DCPS will use this information to determine demand and inform planning for in-person learning. Responses to this survey are not binding and will not commit you to a choice or decision.